Free up space on C: drive

This desktop of mine, still a Windows 7. The C: system drive is an SSD with 223 GB space. I wanted to install Visual Studio 2017, but only a few GB of space left. Since the C: is the glorious and miraculous Solid State Drive, it does matter what’s on it – and a good […]

MySQL Installer

The web (which means downloading packages on demand) installer of MySQL on Windows in broken. (mysql-installer-web-community- See The solution is to download the whole package. (mysql-installer-community- (Why? Just because…) World of Open Source, 2017. The full installer won’t let me to pick “developer package”, I have to click through the installer UI, which is a beast, […]

A factory to generate factory which…

This is an old one from 2005. Still true, and what is better, still hilarious. Why I hate frameworks “So we stopped selling those schematics and started selling hammer-factory-building factories. Each hammer factory factory is built for you by the top experts in the hammer factory factory business, so you don’t need to worry about […]