Free up space on C: drive

This desktop of mine, still a Windows 7. The C: system drive is an SSD with 223 GB space.
I wanted to install Visual Studio 2017, but only a few GB of space left.

Since the C: is the glorious and miraculous Solid State Drive, it does matter what’s on it – and a good thing not to run out of space for important stuff. Like, for example, the operating system and software developer tools 😉

After a few usual round of disk cleanup and uninstalling unused/unnecessary programs (through Control Panel), I still got only ~7GB.

So I investigated. I found quite a few helpful tools. Of course it’s a shame you have to do all this manually in 2017. Or, actually, any year in the last ten years…


C:\Users\<user>\AppData can and did grow laaaarge. Old downloads and drivers also grow big, especially nVidia old drivers. (c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository)

I tried to do a clean nVidia driver install, but it did not get rid most of the old stuff.

Disk Cleanup (included in windows)
DriverStore Explorer [RAPR]:
Nirsoft’s My Uninstaller:
CCleaner (not that useful in my case, but I can get ideas on what to look for):

I also removed all Apple software:
(MobileSync folder was quite big, while I don’t have an iPhone in years.)

Now I have 72 GB free, yay!


Useful source:


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