Is Git hard?

There are countless debates, pros and cons, posts and forums and so on the net over the topic if git is hard and compare it versus other source controls.

It’s always a clever choice not to join holy wars. Also, just telling your opinion from your viewpoint, rarely helps others. I often find myself wondering why people miss the big picture:
What are the pros and cons, but not on your personal level and work, but from a viewpoint of a team and a project. It basically comes down to: can you – the team or the company – deliver better software or product, or can you do it more efficiently, faster?

Is Git hard? Yes, it is, for example, compared to svn. The question is if it’s worth the extra effort.

There’s no debate over my empirical experience: in my teams, getting to the point to use git efficiently has a learning curve, with a multiplier compared to the learning curve of svn.

Here’s a good link I find interesting, also you can overview and hopefully understand the structure behind git quickly.

Why the Heck is Git so Hard?

And a cheatsheet.

10 things I hate about Git (not as a one-sided opinion – I think he has good points).

And some interesting quotes:
“If Git was a car, you won’t be able to pull yourself out of the driveway without asking experts and reading the manual written in ancient Sanskrit.”

“I’ve seen so many “git workflow” blog posts … and yet I’ve never seen two people that have the same workflow”

“A common response I get to complaints about Git’s command line complexity is that “you don’t need to use all those commands, you can use it like Subversion if that’s what you really want”. Rubbish. That’s like telling an old granny that the freeway isn’t scary, she can drive at 20kph in the left lane if she wants.”


One thought on “Is Git hard?

  1. Distributed version control has benefits over centralized systems. This however doesn’t imply that git’s complexity is worth assuming.

    Is git better than svn? Maybe.

    Is git better than bazaar? No.

    Is git better than mercurial? No.

    You can get the benefits of DVCS without git.

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