Angular RxJS .subscribe – unsubscribe -> takeWhile

Update: takeWhile does not cancel; “takeWhile() will not cancel the request, rather, it will not invoke your subscribe() method”; so unsubscribe is still needed. So, the statement “Another approach to unsubscribing is to use the takeWhile() operator” is not entirely true. If you use unsubscribe, there’s no need for takeWhile(). export class MyComponent implements OnDestroy, OnInit { public […]

RxJs, Angular: Concat, Merge, forkJoin, flatMap, zip, Subject Subject and ReplaySubject

I needed to understand how advanced cases of Observables are working: Concat, Merge, forkJoin, flatMap: forkJoin and zip: Subject and ReplaySubject:

Free up space on C: drive

This desktop of mine, still a Windows 7. The C: system drive is an SSD with 223 GB space. I wanted to install Visual Studio 2017, but only a few GB of space left. Since the C: is the glorious and miraculous Solid State Drive, it does matter what’s on it – and a good […]

MySQL Installer

The web (which means downloading packages on demand) installer of MySQL on Windows in broken. (mysql-installer-web-community- See The solution is to download the whole package. (mysql-installer-community- (Why? Just because…) World of Open Source, 2017. The full installer won’t let me to pick “developer package”, I have to click through the installer UI, which is a beast, […]